Thursday, September 3, 2009

Masjid Pandan DRI Version

My first DRI. Many thanks to Bro OOF for the DRI Tutorial through email last nite. And to Gnano who willing to spent time on the making DRI with me..appreciate it bro.. lastly hope Bro OOF like the photo...


  1. BaruNYA!!! Heheh!! Much better than the previous one and less areas overexposed. Now we fine tune it sikit..

    How many shots did you do? How I did it is my first exposure will always be 30sec. That means 30 sec with whatever aperture that will give me a good exposure on the darkest area.

    Then I go down 3 stops for the shutter speed until the brightest area, in this case, lampu inside the mosque, becomes just good enough and not overexposed. Your photo still a little bright, but like I said, much better than ur previous one.

    Then when u open it in Photoshop, make sure u adjust for levels, color balance and saturation the same for all the photos before you combine them into one photo. This way u can't see the variations. Then u adjust lagi sekali after u flatten them. U can actually adjust them after u flattern them tapi I find u get more control when u do it this way.

    Finally jangan lupa unsharp mask. Hehe!!

    Great work man.. Can't wait to se more..

  2. For this i used 5 shots of pictures. Again thanks OOF for sharing some extra tips atu yg mahalnya... i just followed what ever on the tutorial rupa nya ada lagi extra adjustment on the photos... sure will apply it in the future when i do my next DRI.
    setting ku f/4.5, iso200, focal length:16mm, shutter speed various.

  3. Try ISO100 for less noise and a smaller aperture (bigger number). Remember.. 30 sec setting first, then aperture.

    I will wait for ur next one.. Hehe!!

  4. aku nya sifu selalu ajar suh aku kecik kan shutter smpi tulis bulb cantik gak hasil dia...neway cahaya reflect kat air mmg best kan