Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Me,Myself & I

This photo was shot by Gnano one of VA members... so i just edit it with frame.


  1. Fulamak!! Better not let my wife see this.. Hehehe!! Hensyum eh!!! Pweet!!! Hehehe!!

  2. Rugged bro..
    Bleh jadi Model ne..

    Photogenic eih..
    Putting yourself in the spotlight!

  3. OOF... Thnx bro ani tah gambar ku yg paling hensyum perasan.... liat siapa camera man nya Gnano jua heheehe... macam2 post n style ku tyme shot ah hehehe....

    PainQler... Rugged masih eh.. Rocker.. bah aku layan nie jdi model hehehehe... cam banar

  4. hahaha, nasib baik in posing macam tarian hindustan...hehehe. Great work nai.

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