Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Leo - Persian Cat - HDR

A show-quality Persian has an extremely long thick coat, short legs, a wide head with the ears set far apart, large eyes, and an extremely foreshortened muzzle.

Persian Cats have been the most popular cat breed in the world for quite a long time.

The Persian Cat is the most represented cat breed in the cat shows and the Persians are the ongoing leaders in annual ratings by CFA and European cat clubs and associations.

Persian Cats are of calm temperament. The Persian cat is an ideal breed for those who are looking for a pleasant, peaceful and loyal companion. The Persians is not a talkative breed - if the Persian wants your attention, it would sit before you and gaze loyaly into your eyes.

Persian cats can have any color or markings including pointed, golden, tortoiseshell, blue, and tabby.

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